is the simple solution to cheer mat moving and storage problems. The MAT MOVER II protects the mats from damage that is caused by the pushing and pulling across floors, over thresholds, and through doors. Relocating your mats is a breeze with the MAT MOVER II's ease and portability. Just roll up and strap your mats as usual, slide the MAT MOVER II into the end of your mat and stand your mat up!

If your asking yourself "how do we move our cheer mats" or "whats the best way to move and store cheer mats" you've come to the right place. We have the solution to "cheer mat moving" and "cheer mat storage" right here. This is the best way to move cheer mats. This is an easy way for "moving our tiffin cheer mats" We invite you to watch the above video on the mat mover 2, and tell us what you think.


The Mat Strap: a high quality, two inch wide, web weaved poly strap with dual, heavy duty, zinc plated, steel rings and reinforced assembly. Perfect for cinching cheer mats tightly closed. Easy to use and NO plastic parts! Works around mats with a diameter up to 48inches while leaving a 1 foot section to allow for pulling. MAT STRAPS Keeps your mats tightly rolled. Easy to use, no plastic parts to break and no sharp edges to mar your floor. Works great with THE MAT MOVER 2.


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